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10 Best Deck Boxes for Magic: The Gathering Players

10 Best Deck Boxes for Magic: The Gathering Players

Just like card sleeves are essential for protecting your favorite pieces of cardboard, a deck box is a must-have for Magic players. Whether you’re double-sleeving a pile for Commander or need a way to safely transport your homebrew to FNM, there’s a deck box out there for everyone.

Of course, finding the right one can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the very best Magic: The Gathering deck boxes on the market.

This list has something for everyone. From Timmy who’s balling on a budget to a tournament grinder that needs a box fitting of their $2,000 deck.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best MTG deck boxes.

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Best Deck Box for Commander Players

Your Commander deck is your baby. A work of art. It deserves to be protected in a deck box that’s just as high-quality.

The Ultra Pro Satin Tower has been a go-to for Magic players for years. There are plenty of reasons why. For one, this box isn’t going to break the budget. However, it is extremely durable, and both looks and feels great.

It holds up to 100 double-sleeved cards or 125 single-sleeved cards. This leaves room for some tokens as well. You’ll also find a compartment for dice in the bottom.

If you need a great all-around deck box for your EDH deck, look no further.

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Best Overall MTG Deck Box

Best Premium Deck Box

If you aren’t restricted by a budget and are searching for the best things in life, look no further than the Ultra Pro Mythic Edition Alcove Vault.

This deck box screams MTG with every nook and comes in a black/orange color pairing that pops nicely. The mythic orange stitching is accompanied by a matrix of planeswalker symbols glossed on the interior.

It holds up to 275 double-sleeved cards in two separate compartments with an extra magnetic tray for dice and accessories.

If you want your opponents to know that you’re probably playing 4c Money Pile, or just want to have the nicest deck box money can buy, this one is for you.

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Best Budget MTG Deck Box

Maybe you’re a Pauper aficionado or maybe you’d rather be spending your money on cards than a fancy deck box. Either way, we’ve got you covered. The Ultra Pro “Deck-Box” is the go-to for players on a budget.

You can get a set of six for under $10. Yes, you can box up half a dozen decks for less than the price of most Modern playable cards.

These boxes hold about 80 cards each, so they aren’t designed with EDH in mind. However, they are great if you play other constructed formats. They certainly won’t win any awards for design or feel, but they do protect your cards and let you buy more of them. Win-win.

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Best Compact MTG Deck Box

We all have too many cards. If you also have too many decks and not enough room, the Ultimate Guard Sidewinder might be for you.

This is one of the most compact deck boxes out there. With no frills or room for accessories, it’s all about keeping your cards safe in the least amount of cubic space. The main version holds up to 80 double-sleeved or 100 single-sleeved cards. There is also a larger version that holds 100 double-sleeved and 120 single-sleeved cards for EDH players.

It features Ultimate Guard’s luxurious XenoSkin material and a microfiber interior that gives it a high-class feel. Four magnets hold the flap in place so your cards stay put.

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Best MTG Cube Deck Box

There is perhaps no MTG format more fun than Cube. Smash together your favorite cards, archetypes, and mechanics, and get ready for a blast.

Of course, carrying those cards around can be a hassle. The Original Quiver Card Case is perfect for Cube lovers as it fits your entire collection in one easy-to-carry case.

It comfortably fits more than 1,000 unsleeved cards and has plenty of room for your entire Cube. There are also included dividers for keeping your draft packs separate (though you’ll probably need to also grab some extras).

Meanwhile, the adjustable strap makes it easy to carry this deck box around given its extra weight.

Ready to Cube?

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Best MTG Art Deck Box

If you want a deck box with a little more personality than just a solid color, Ultra Pro has you covered. With officially licensed MTG art, you can get boxes with some of your favorite characters on them.

There are countless designs to choose from, so finding one that fits your deck shouldn’t be hard. You can choose from two lines as well. The Premium Leatherette lineup (pictured) typically features showcase art from key cards of a set. You can also get a cheaper version that’s made from rigid plastic and feature a wide variety of art.

If you want a deck box that pops, this is the way to go.

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Best Everyday MTG Deck Box

For those in search of a good “everyday” deck box, this is the one for you. Ultimate Guard’s Boulder series is the perfect mix between budget and premium.

It features a hard shell that’s more durable than budget options but doesn’t have the silky smooth feel of more premium boxes.

Still, it is perfect for transporting an FNM deck or housing your extra Commander builds. The Boulder fits up to 80 double-sleeved or 100 single-sleeved cards.

Best yet, it is designed to play nicely with other Ultimate Guard products. It fits perfectly in larger cases like the Arkhive or can be used to swap into your premium box, like the Flip ‘n’ Tray Xenoskin.

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Best MTG Double Deck Box

Can’t decide which deck to play? Bring both and choose last-minute with the BCW Deck Vault 200. This box comfortably stores two decks and a handful of dice.

You’ll be ready to roll (no pun intended) no matter what the meta looks like.

It also features a durable faux leather cover and heavy-duty stitching for a premium look and feel. The front panel is secured magnetically to keep your cards in place.

For those with an indecisive streak, this is the deck box for you.

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Best Deck Box for Stax Players

If you’re all about making your opponents salty (yes, we’re looking at you Stax players) then this is the box for you. Before your opponents even draw their first card, they know what they’re in for. You don’t even have to pull out your deck.

The velvety exterior features a hilarious “Get Salty” embossment with a salt shaker and frowny face as a bonus. This deck box holds up to 115 single-sleeved cards and 100 double-sleeved cards.

Just don’t bring it anywhere near me.

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Our Pick for Best MTG Deck Box: Ultimate Guard Flip ‘n’ Tray Xenoskin

This is my go-to deck box. Whether I’m heading out to a tournament or just driving over to a buddy’s house to play, I always bring my Flip ‘n’ Tray.

I love the design of this box as it has everything you need for a game of Magic. There’s plenty of room in the card holder for up to 100 single-sleeved cards and the separate dice tray holds all my accessories. The magnetic closure is also super satisfying to swing open and snap shut when it’s time to pack up. I’ve been using these boxes for years and they look just as good as the day I bought them.

Maybe my favorite thing about this deck box is that the card holder is interchangeable. You can easily swap decks out if you only have a single box.

And, lifehack alert, the little cubes that come in MTG Bundles fit perfectly in there if you want to have a handful of decks on standby.

I’d recommend this deck box to anyone in a heartbeat.

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Tips for Buying an MTG Deck Box

Your deck box is an important part of protecting your investment. So, you shouldn’t take buying one lightly. Here are a few tips for buying a deck box to store and protect your Magic cards.


Not all boxes are created equal. The type of material you choose will heavily influence the price you pay. High-end materials like leather typically cost about twice as much (if not more) as plastic or paper deck boxes.


If you’re buying multiple deck boxes, the space they require adds up. Likewise, their outer dimensions can affect how you store your collection. When shopping around, be sure to look at the box’s outer dimensions. Two boxes might each hold 100 cards but be very different on the outside.


Most high-end deck boxes have a hidden magnet to keep them closed. Boxes on the cheaper end usually just fold into themselves or have a simple snap. This doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t intend to get rough with your deck box. However, if you plan on throwing it in a bag and forgetting about it, you should probably go with the more secure magnetic closure.

Double Sleeved or Single Sleeved

The way you sleeve your deck has a major impact on which type of deck box you should buy. If you’re double-sleeving a list of expensive cards, be sure the box you’re looking at is big enough to hold them. Most manufacturers are good at putting this on their product page or packaging. Still, it would be a bummer if your deck box arrives and doesn’t fit your whole deck.


Ultimately, the value you get from your deck box is up to you. If you find joy in a box with nice art or one that feels nice to open, go for it. If you just care about having something to put your cards in, more power to you. Just be sure you’re happy with what you pay for and you’ll have five-star value.

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