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Boogie Board LCD Tablet Review: The Best MTG Life Tracker (and Reusable!)

Boogie Board LCD Tablet Review: The Best MTG Life Tracker (and Reusable!)

If you’re a serious Magic: The Gathering player, you’ve probably seen your opponent show up across the table with a nifty tablet for tracking life. They write out two tidy columns, track life throughout the game, and with the press of a button the entire tablet is clear and ready for another match. So what is this magical life-tracking device? One of the most popular MTG life trackers is the Boogie Board Jot LCD tablet.

This is a great alternative to tracking life on a notepad or using dice. You don’t have to deal with your paper getting crumpled in your bag or dice getting knocked over during a hectic board state. The Boogie Board lets you seamlessly track life during matches and start fresh each time.

But is the Boogie Board Jot on the list of the best MTG life trackers? Let’s find out!

Is Boogie Board Jot Good for MTG?

LCD tablets have gained traction among the MTG community over the past several years–and for good reason! When it comes to competitive events, tracking your life can be a nuisance if you aren’t prepared.

Just take recent Pro Tour champion, Reid Duke, for example. He had to use the cardboard backing of a notepad to track his life in one of the biggest tournaments of the year when he ran out of paper.

With something like the Boogie Board Jot and other LCD tablets, you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll always have a blank slate to work with when you’re using this tablet.

So in short, yes, the Boogie Board Jot is good for Magic players! In fact, it might just be the best life tracker you’ve ever used.

What is Boogie Board Jot?

Remember using those tablets when you were a kid that had a little button to clear them out? Chances are, you’ve had an LCD tablet at some point. And like the play tablets of old, Boogie Board Jot uses LCD technology to deliver an optimal life-tracking experience.

This means you can use just about anything to write. Of course, the included stylus is ideal for crisp handwriting and attaches to the tablet for easy and secure storage. But in a pinch, you can also use your finger, a dice, or even the corner of a card.

The Boogie Board jot features bright digital ink which stands out well on the black background. You won’t have to worry about seeing your life totals since the non-glare screen also negates (no pun intended) the overhead lights found at most tournaments.

When you’re ready to erase your board, just press the button. You don’t have to bring an eraser or spend time shaking the pad. One press and the screen is totally clear to start writing again. This is perfect for in-between matches and takes less than a second.

After you’ve claimed victory, toss the Boogie Board Jot in your back and head to the next table. When you pull it out for the next game, you’ll be ready to go. No ripped or crumpled pages. No missing pen. No worries!

Boogie Board Jot Tablet Price

So, is the Boogie Board Jot a good financial investment? That depends on how you play the game. If you’re an occasional player or casual gamer, something like this might not be for you. But for serious players and tournament grinders, the Boogie Board Jot is perfect and well worth every penny.

The full-sized 8.5-inch edition costs about $20 and features a replaceable battery. It’s designed to last for several years of regular use before the screen wears out.

Meanwhile, the compact Jot Pocket is just $16. This smaller, 4.5-inch version is perfect for playing at tight tables and also lasts for years.

While you aren’t saving any money by getting either Boogie Board Jot, this is a great accessory for most MTG players. If you play a lot and want to make your game more classy, look no further.

Boogie Board Jot vs. Jot Pocket

Wait, Jot Pocket? Small edition? Yep. Boogie Board offers tablets of several sizes to meet the preferences of all players. The Jot Pocket is a smaller version of the original Jot and is about half the size.

You get the same great LCD screen and single-touch erase button. The stylus also attaches conveniently to the side of the tablet. This is slightly less secure than the embedded storage slot found on the 8.5-inch version but is a necessary evil. In over a year of taking it with me to every tournament, I’ve never had an issue with the stylus falling off.

Aside from the stylus storage and price, you’ll miss out on the dedicated kickstand found on the 8.5-inch Jot. But for MTG players, this isn’t really a big deal. You’ll almost always have the tablet flat on the table next to your playmat, so no kickstand is needed. If you do need to prop your board up, you can slide the stylus through the corner hole at either end.

All-in-all, deciding between the Boogie Board Jot and Jot Pocket comes down to your play area. If you’ve got more space, you might want to splurge on the original. But if you’re planning on playing at cramped convention tables, the Jot Pocket will probably be better for your needs.

What is a Life Tracker for MTG?

Keeping track of your life total is an essential part of any MTG game. There are many ways to track your life, but a few stand out from the rest. Using a notepad or LCD tablet like the Boogie Board Jot is perhaps the most popular. It’s also the best choice for competitive play since you’ll have a running record of both your and your opponent’s life total changes throughout the game.

Many players also like to use their phone and an MTG life tracking app. This is a great option for FNM or causal play. It’s also perfect for Commander games with more than two players.

Other players like to use dice to keep track. Twenty-sided spindown dice found in many MTG products, like set bundles, work well for casual two-player games. Still others use spinning counters, like this one that also features an area for your commander and mini wheels to track your opponents’ life.

Where to Get Boogie Board Jot Tablet for MTG?

After learning about everything the Boogie Board Jot has to offer, do you think it could be a good fit for your gameday accessory collection? Wondering where to get the Boogie Board tablet for MTG? If so, we’ve got you covered.

One of the best places to get yours is from Amazon. If you want to support Bolt the Bird, you can use our Boogie Board Jot affiliate link here.

And if you’re looking for the smaller model, check out our Boogie Board Jot Pocket affiliate link here.


If you’re looking for your next MTG life tracker, the Boogie Board Jot LCD tablet is a great option. It’s the perfect way to track your opponent’s life total all the way down to zero on the way to your next win!

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